Grow as a Writer in One Week During the Coming 168’s “Write of Passage” Contest

You're familiar with NaNoWriMo and its benefits. Writers spend a month writing a 50,000 word project. Have you ever taken the challenge? For me it has been a wonderful exercise that accelerated my learning curve — because of the relatively short deadline. The challenge packs a lot of learning into a short amount of time.

One week 

Well are you ready for another similar challenge? How about writing a short screenplay in a week? (Tweet that!)

Mentored writing exercise

Not up for a one week challenge? Well what if I sweetened the pot by adding a mentor to journey through that week with you? That's right, for the price of entry you'd get a writing mentor who would look at your story and script several times throughout the week. (Tweet that!) You'd get feedback from your mentor, someone with experience. They would make suggestions and give advice. Wouldn't that be worth the price of admission?

But wait. You're thinking you have no interest in screenwriting? Ok. Think of it like this: It's all about the story. You could have a one week, mentored challenge all about story. (Tweet that!)  And if you don't know it already, STORY is KING.

Challenge - a theme and a Bible verse

I'm talking about the 168 Film Project's "Write of Passage."  This is a short screenplay writing contest. You get to write a short screenplay — 12 pages max — in one week.

You can't start early. You can't enter a script you've already written. That's not fair.

You have to write your story on two things the 168 Film Project assigns you: a Theme. And a Bible verse. (Tweet that!)

That's right. You're assigned your writing topic.

Does that sound intimidating?

What if I gave you one of those two pieces of information right now? Would that help take the edge off? Every year the Theme of the 168 Film Project's "Write of Passage" is announced in advance. The Theme for the 2017 "Write of Passage" contest is … <drum roll, please>: "POWER."

So now you have half of the information on which you would base your story. Is your imagination running wild? Got an idea? That's great. But hold on. You still need the other half of the information you'll be basing your story on. That's how they keep you from starting early (which is cheating). You'll be assigned the other piece of information at the start of the timed contest. It will come in the form of an assigned Bible verse.

Once you receive your assigned Bible verse, you'll think about that and the theme "Power" and you'll come up with an idea. Then you'll brainstorm a story idea. You might run your idea past your assigned mentor, called a "Development Executive."

Then you'll start to write.

The Rules.

From the start of the timed contest when you receive your assigned Bible verse, you'll have 168 hours to write your script and turn it in. 168 hours? That's 7 days times 24 hours. 7 x 24 = 168.

One warning: If you like to write stories that would be "R" rated if a movie, due to their graphic nature, this contest might not be for you. This contest is looking for redemptive stories. That doesn't mean you can't write hard stories about tough issues. You can. It just means this contest is not going to like graphic images, gratuitous sex or violence, foul language, especially using the name of the Lord as foul language, that kind of thing. It's a bigger challenge to write an in depth story without that kind of thing anyway, so that's good for us. (Tweet that!)

There are some other Rules. You can read them here: Write of Passage FAQs

It's a challenge. It's not easy. It can even induce fear and trembling in writers. (Tweet that!) But do you think you're alone? Of course not. Other writers experience the same anxiety. Similar panic. The same pressure to come up with a story. The same delete key. Just like the poor writer struggling to come up with a story in this short video:

An entertaining "Write of Passage" promo video!

But if you'll give it a try, you'll grow as a writer. That's pretty much guaranteed.

What you'll need:

You may need to learn a little about screenplay format. And you'd need to grab a free screenwriting program. If you already have Scrivener, that will do the job. Scroll down on this page to find a selection of Screenwriting Software you can get and use for free: Write of Passage FAQs

You'll need a basic understanding of screenplay format. Need an example to follow? Read previous "Write of Passage" scripts here, and pay attention to the formatting: Write of Passage Top Scripts

Your screenwriting software will put things where they're supposed to be, you just need to know what goes where and how to tell your program to put it there.

The Perks. 

You mean there are perks besides the practice in creating a story? And the feedback and critiquing and suggestions and mentoring by an experienced Development Executive (DE)?

Well there's a cash prize. And your script may get produced. You writing would get exposure. You'd get some experience. You'd get some focused practice in. You'd get feedback from your mentor, that is your DE. Plus, you'll get all that in one week and then you can get on with your life and your other writing projects. (Tweet that!)


For all this focused, personal mentoring, the price of admission is pretty inexpensive when you think about it. The sooner you sign up, the lower the price. Sign up here: Write of Passage Contest Entry. Enter now for the best price.


The writing week for 2017 is October 9 - 16, 2017. That's a Monday to a Monday. 168 hours. One week. It's coming soon. You'd better sign up now!

Again, even if your interest is not in writing screenplays, this is a great opportunity to grow in your ability to develop your stories into stories that will capture the hearts of your audience, whether that is for readers of novels, stories in your nonfiction writing, your story-telling in your speaking engagements, or other opportunities. And if you are interested in screenwriting, this is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet, get started, or advance in that desire. (Tweet that!)

Learn more about the 168 Film Project's "Write of Passage" contest here. I hope to see you competing this year.

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