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The "Getting Published" series
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I'm publishing a new line of e-books, the "Getting Published" series. These are based on my "Help for Writers" pamphlets--revised and updated--as well as the workshops I've taught and other writing I've done.

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Query Letters:How to Write the Query (and Cover)Letter You Dread to MagazineEditors and Book Publishers

Based on my most popular printed pamphlet, "Conquering the Dreaded Query Letter" but with an additional two sample queries!

The three more titles in the "Getting Published" series also available:

Cutting the Passive Voice is getting great Amazon reviews so far! Check it out!

This e-book is a revised and updated version of my pamphlet, "The Basics for Beginners: How to Find Markets, Submit your Manuscripts, and Keep Track of it All," with additional information added from my "Writing for Publication" seminar. Includes three Bonus Articles.

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I used Moo's Printfinity option (where they will print different images on the back of the same batch of cards) and had the cover of each of my Prophecies Fulfilled books printed. They were very effective business cards at the conference and got a lot of attention! If you plan to purchase from Moo, please use my affiliate link. Doing so really helps me by paying me a bit for the time I put into this blog. 

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  1. Good Evening Dianne, I received a message on my Twitter account @DenineBlas1 for help finding publishers, I am having a really hard time finding one. I know I am asking a lot but I was wondering if I could send you the beginning of my manuscript for an "overview" and to receive an honest answer about how the writing is and what you think about it. I would appreciate it so very much. I have never written a book before but this has been inside of me for years and I am just dying to write about it. I have titled it, "And She Finally Spoke" can you let me know.

    Thanks Denine Blas

  2. Hello Denine. I am so swamped (as evidenced by the amount of time it has taken me to get back to you) I simply can't keep up with reviewing manuscripts from all the people who ask me. However I don't want that answer to be discouraging to you. So here are some suggestions:

    1.) I suggest that you look for a writers group in your area. These groups will often trade manuscripts to critique each others. Although some groups just want to hang out with other writers and don't actually DO any writing, so be picky and find one with serious writers who really want to learn and improve, and then swap services with them. Or form your own group by finding one or three other writers who want to get together and help each other. You can also do this long-distance via e-mailing manuscripts.

    2. You can pay for a critique, but I suggest you don't ask for a critique of your whole manuscript unless you have unlimited money to spend. Paying for just a few pages (maybe up to 10 or 20?) will give you a good handle on where you stand. Often we make the same errors over and over so once you see what you're doing that can be improved, you can carry those ideas through to improve the whole manuscript. Here are a couple of places you could consider. I know both of these ladies personally and so I know they are legit. You can tell them I sent you:

    Vonda Skelton:

    Susan Osborn:

    3.) If or when you can afford it, you might consider attending a writers conference. Often they will also offer a critique on pages of your manuscript. Here are two conferences where I've been on faculty. With registration, these two offer 15-minute appointments where you can discuss your project with other authors. Or for a more in depth personal critique, you can send pages in advance and someone will look at it and meet with you for 30 minutes for an additional $30 fee. (I'll be on faculty at this one July 30 - Aug 2, 2014. So I could potentially be your critique if you wanted to go that way.) (Annually in May.)

    I hope you find these resources helpful, Denine. Best wishes for your publishing aspirations!