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Plot Control*

I have discovered a gem of a product that has given me profound help in developing my stories! 
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Dianne E. Butts 

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Plot Control*

The Ultimate Tool For Story Creation!

Plot Control is Reelwriting’s “irresistible storyline” software where you can literally start from any point in the creative process and from that one point, build out your entire story quickly and effectively. There is no better way to help you get your story straight!

Using our software allows you as the writer to concentrate 100% on the elements of your story and NOT worry about the structure…because the structure is completely laid out for you in the program so you are free to maximize the impact of the characters and plot.

Amazing writing and development software that helps you get your story straight!

Please use this link:

Plot Control*

"These 11 questions from Plot Control are pure gold. I finally got my story down. Plot Control helped me get my story constructed so the writing went easy and fast! So fast, I got my screenplay done in the nick of time to enter in screenwriting contest. The result? That script was a finalist! I highly recommend Plot Control for novelists as well as screenwriters!"
Dianne E. Butts, Author & Screenwriter 
Finalist, Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays in 2015 
Semifinalist, Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays in 2013

Your Cure for Writer's Block!

11 Questions Quick Start Guide

Once you know these 11 questions, you’ll gain tremendous clarity on the details of your story. This Quickstart guide is really the foundation for the Core Element process and is essential in getting the right jumpstart on your script.

Knowing the answers to these questions will literally spare you the agony of figuring out how to begin the process for your latest project.

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ReelWriting Webinar 2014*

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