Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome to this new Writing Blog that Used to be a Writing Zine!

In May of 2007,  I started the Dianne E. Butts About Writing e-zine (electronic magazine) as a free service to subscribers, delivered by e-mail. The subscription list has grown to almost 500 subscribers. While the zine was for all writers with an emphasis on how to get published, it is especially geared toward writing for Christian magazines and book publishers because that is where my expertise is.

I've been writing for Christian (and occasionally general market) magazines since 1989 and was first published in 1991. I currently have around 300 articles printed in addition to many online articles. I've contributed to nineteen books by other folks and have published two books of my own. My third book will be published less than two months from now in August 2012 and I've just won a publishing contract for a three-book series--probably to begin releasing in 2013.

Besides writing, it seems I have always had a knack for being able to share what I've learned with others in an understandable way. A teacher at heart, I love helping others get started--whether in writing to be published or in knowing the Bible and Jesus Christ. I had so many people asking me about how to get published, and I was repeating the same information so many times, that rather out of "self-defense" I started this e-zine called Dianne E Butts About Writing.

For a delivery service and e-list service, I used the very affordable (read "free"), e-list service,,  for the past five years. However their needs have changed and there is less support for free users like me. I've also encountered more technical problems uploading and delivering the zine in recent months. In addition, because Bravenet is supported by ads, the ads in my zine have caused many e-mail programs to reject delivering the zine, and so I've received 40 or 60 bounces each month while my subscribers did not receive the e-zine they wanted. So with my thanks to the kind folks at for their many years of service, I feel it is time to make a move.

I've decided to "go blog"!

Moving my private zine to a public blog will mean a lot of wonderful things:
  • While the e-zine has been provided free to subscribers via e-mail, it has been, in a sense, a private list since people had to subscribe to receive it. 
  • On a blog, more people can find us and benefit from this zine.
  • I expect to have fewer technical problems and more support should I run into problems.
  • I'll have more flexibility in updating columns, such as the "Writing Opportunities" and "Dianne's Writing News." Rather than having to wait for the first-of-the-month zine, I can update immediately. And you can visit and look for updates any time.
  • All the columns will be available to you at any time that you need them, including "Writers Conferences," Writing Opportunities," and "Dianne's Products for Writers," (and you won't have to go searching through your inbox for the latest zine or wish you still had one you deleted).
  • You can still have this zine delivered to your inbox if you wish by using the e-mail subscription box. (It may take me a while to figure out how that works. Please be patient with me!)
For the past five years, I have published the Butts About Writing zine monthly, near the first of the month, and I expect to continue posting the main zine only monthly. In the past I have rarely published another notice, and only when some piece of news, such as a writing opportunity, couldn't wait until the first of the next month. While I will continue to do my best to respect your time and not fill your inbox with frequent postings, I do think I will enjoy posting a little more often when I find a new "Writing Opportunity" or have "News" that I would like to bring to your attention.

Each month you can expect to find:
  • one main article usually on a publishing or book marketing topic, although I occasionally veer into other areas such as film, for those who desire to see their written stories on the screen.
  • possibly one or more shorter articles called "Sidebar(s)"
  • plus many other columns posted on Pages at the tabs along the top or in the columns to the right.
Pages and columns include:
  • "Writing Opportunities,"  
  • what's happening with my writing in "Dianne's Writing News,"
  • quotes,
  • links,
  • products to help you in your writing,
  • and more.
The products I offer include pamphlets that I've created (soon to be e-books) to help writers and workshops I've taught, such as:
  • the "Basics for Beginners" pamphlet
  • "Conquering the Dreaded Query Letter" pamphlet
  • "How to Market Your Reprints" for article writers
  • "Ten Tools for Marketing Your Book" workshop on CD
  • "Writing for Publication" taped seminar
Plus much, much more--so be sure to poke around the site.

Whether you're a long-time subscriber to the previous private list or a new friend that just found this blog, I welcome you and I hope you will find many useful posts here to help you in your writing journey and pursuit of publication.

Please feel free to invite your writing friends or writing groups to discover this blog and subscribe to receive the posts by e-mail. You'll be able to Tweet or post to Facebook your favorite posts, and I hope you will.

I'm looking forward to this new and continuing adventure with you!

May God bless your writing endeavors!



  1. Well done, Dianne! Praying for a great outcome as you transition from email to a blog.

  2. Thanks, Sheila! Glad you like the new blog. Seems like the transition is going well so far.

  3. Not a fan of the template, it required scrolling from side to side or minimizing to see the whole screen which makes the writing super small. Beyond that, I love it. (Could be just not my usual monitor - and this one is pretty tiny.) As always, I LOVE, love, love the content, Dianne. Good stuff. I'll be linking you to ACE Writers as soon as I get done posting this. :) (I do love writer RSS feeds and promotions. :)

  4. Hi Dianne, I'm here yea! Looks great to me.

    Hope you are having a great summer, sounds as if you are busy.

    Vapors is official now. I'll be posting on the FB with a new picture. I'm excited. :)

    Hugs in Jesus.

    Paulette Harris

  5. Jan, sorry about the need to scroll. It doesn't that on my monitor. Not sure how I might fix that for you. Thanks for the input and good comments! Hugs--

  6. Hi Paulette. You've been so on my mind, but haven't got a note off to you. Congratulations on your new book "Vapors"! I want to read it. Yes, I'm very busy. Have several book projects in the works, thanks to Write Integrity Press' "Books of Hope" contest! Glad you're on board. Hugs back!

  7. Excited to see everything here in one place, 24-7. Thanks, Dianne!

  8. Great, Susan! I think that's going to be nice for everyone. Thanks for commenting!

  9. Well, Dianne Hello! Look who I found on ACE WRITERS!

    Good job my friend on your Books of Hope. Praying for you It's nice to see you here. I've been so slow at getting back up to speed. Jim is putting the house on the market and I'm changing my web site over to Jan Verhoeff. What a help she has been! Also, working on LADY OUTFITTER to be announced, the release date got pushed forward. But, in the process, I may be lucky to get a couple more contracts from DWB! My goodness, the older I get, the smaller the world gets! I never made the connection until yesterday when I met Jan. :)